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May Toilet Training

May Blog: Toilet Training This can be one of the biggest struggles of parenting.  First and foremost, make sure your child is ready to begin the process.  Do they tell you when they have to go, can they pull their pants down by themselves, will they sit on the toilet, etc.  Secondly, you have to remember that this is something they have complete control of; you cannot make them go to the bathroom.  It’s important to also remember that this is a process; kids are not potty trained overnight.  It takes a lot of time, patience, and consistency.  Accidents are going to happen and it is very normal for them to have accidents.  So make sure to pack extra underwear and clothes when you go places and send extra sets to school too!  Make sure to take them to the bathroom often, just as reminders and have them practice sitting, even if they don’t have to go.  Try not to get frustrated, kids can tell when adults are frustrated and that will just make it harder.  For some more helpful information,…

Week of the Young Child

April was a popular month.  In the month of April, we celebrated the National Week of the Young Child, however we extend the fun to last all month long.  Here are some ways to make learning fun at home with your child: Making Play Fun: Nature Fun: Importance of Music: April was also Autism Awareness Month!  We had a very successful Autism Fair.  If you were unable to make it, here is a list of the resources/vendors that were here that night and that provide resources to families in our community: United 4 Children , Ride on St. Louis,  MO-Health Net, STARS Program, Rock the Spectrum Gym,  Disability Resource Association , St Louis Regional Center, Next Steps for Life , COMTREA,  MO-FEAT, JUDEVINE, Helping Hands and Horses
Here is an online recourse guide:
Finally, April was also Child Abuse Prevention Month!  Here are some helpful links and res…