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February-Kindergarten Transition

Kindergarten Transition
Transitioning to kindergarten can be a difficult process for both parents and the students.  In order to help them be most successful, they need to see that you are excited about them starting school!  Drive them by their new school over the summer and talk about the new building.  Let them play on the playground and take them on a tour of the school too.  The more they see it, the more familiar and comfortable they will be on the first day.  In the spring, the students will all participate in Kindergarten groups and will meet other students in the center that will be going to the same building as them next year.  There will be weekly notes sent home giving suggestions of things you can do at home to help with the transition process and teaching them the social skills they will need to make new friends next year.  They will also get a picture book of what their new school looks like so you can look at it over the summer and help prepare them. Here is a list of b…