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September-Age Appropriate Expectations

Age Appropriate Expectations
Beginning at birth, children progress through their development changing and growing physically, socially, and cognitively. This process involves learning skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, talking, and learning concepts like colors and shapes. It also involves skills such as following directions, being able to attend to an activity, and taking turns. Many of these skills are referred to as developmental milestones and help us to predict when most children will attain them. It is important to remember that although children tend to follow a fairly predictable course of development, each child is unique and may gain some skills a little sooner and some skills a little later than peers of the same age. Some children exhibit developmental delays and it is important to adjust the guidelines and expectations based on their current functioning and not the actual age of the child. For example, children who have not attained typical two year old skills are …

Welcome Post

Welcome to the Don Earl Parent Blog!  The first Friday of each month, we will post about a new topic.  Based on the feedback from the survey we handed out at open house, we picked the topics that parents were most interested in learning more about.  Here is the schedule for this school year: September- Age Appropriate Expectations October- Speech/Language Development November- Positive Communication December- Attention Seeking Behavior January- Social Skills Development February- Stress & Stress Management March- Sleep/Bedtime Routine April- Sibling Rivalry May- Literacy in Preschool   If you have specific questions about one of the topics, feel free to comment and we will reply as soon as possible.  You can access the blog from your computer or mobile device.  It will be on the parent section of our website soon for easy access.  We will also send the link out via our Twitter and FaceBook account.