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June: Summer

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer!  Here are some summer safety tips: SUNSCREEN, even being outdoors for a short time can result in a sun burn. Remember to put on sunscreen about 15 minutes before going outside. If swimming or sweating it is important to reapply often and take breaks in the shade. Sunscreen does not mean that you can be out in the full sun all day and not burn.
HYDRATE as the temperature increases, it becomes more important to monitor that your child is taking in enough fluids; water is the best way to hydrate. Encourage your child to drink water before, during and after playing outside; in addition to drinking water, juice or milk with meals. Remember if you are thirsty you may already be dehydrated, if your urine is dark you need to drink more.
BEWARE OF BUG BITES: wearing hats, long pants and long sleeve shirt can help protect from bug bites. Ticks, mosquitos, bees and other insects love the warmer weather. Be alert after spending days and evenings outdoors.…