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March- Mealtime/Eating Issues

Mealtime with young eaters can be a struggle for many parents, whether you have a picky eater or not. The following information gives some quick realistic strategies that can be implemented at home to make mealtime more enjoyable and less of a struggle. 

The following information is taken from

My hope is that this page will provide you with the tools to start laying a good foundation in your kid's eating skills.  I believe this list contains the most important steps to getting your kid/toddler/baby (picky eater or not) to eat well. These are the strategies I often give parents when I walk into their home for the first time and when families are able to make these changes I see the most improvement.  As a mom, they have helped set the stage for both my sons feeding skills, and I notice very quickly that when I deviate from these rules their eating suffers.  In those instances, I get back to these basics, and it works!  If the following steps seem overwhelming, t…